About Febelfin

Febelfin vzw/asbl (non-profit association) is the Belgian Financial Sector Federation. It tries to reconcile the interests of its members with those of the policy makers, supervisors, trade associations and pressure groups at the national and European level.

Febelfin vzw/asbl defends the interests of all its members: large banks, small and medium-sized banks, niche players, providers of infrastructure, etc. It speaks on behalf of the financial sector as a whole (except for the insurance companies).

Febelfin’s mission consists of the following:

  • defining positions held by and on behalf of its members
  • lobbying at the national and European level and taking part in social negotiations
  • providing services: providing information, comment and counsel as well as training via Febelfin Academy
  • communicating with its members and the public at large and taking part in the debate on professional, political, social and educative matters